Smoking Cessation

Welcome! This section has been designed to provide you with information about smoking and how best to give up! This is not just for cigarettes it can help people who smoke pipes, chew or use nicotine products in any other way.

Reasons for giving up

We all know that smoking can be harmful but just how bad is it? Well smoking is the biggest single cause of illness and premature death in the U.K. 120,000 people each year die from smoking related illness, compared to just 5,000 people who die from road accidents. So in just one day 312 people will die of a smoking related disease!

Are you going to be one of them?

It’s not too late, even if you have smoked for years you can still benefit from giving up and the longer you give up the better it will become. Giving up for just one day will reduce your chances of a heart attack; give up for a week and you will exercise better; give up for 3 months and your breathing improves. If you give up for 5 years your chances of suffering a heart attack are 50% less than when you smoked!


There are a number of different products from gum, patches, devices that look like cigarettes and tablets. Why don’t you pick up the phone and call to book in for a discussion about which products would be best for you. We will give you support, encouragement and guide you through the stages. We will also monitor your carbon monoxide by blowing into a device – this will show you the benefits of giving up cigarettes.

You can also fill-out the form below which will come through to us and we can call you back to arrange a confidential meeting at your convenience.

So now you know how to start let’s get you started!